Hello there,

I’m Barakat Adenike Sheriff, a freelance mental health writer, and content marketing, expert. Are you

  • A mental health technology company seeking to get users for your service or product?
  • A mental health treatment center looking to gain more clients?
  • A Teletherapy company reducing the barriers to mental health care?
  • A therapist seeking to provide valuable content for prospective and existing patients?

Then you are in the right place! I can help you create the content you need to move your business forward, no matter what your goals are.

I’m passionate about creating valuable content on various mental health topics, providing people who need help with the right information and making your business look great. I have great experience writing and creating the content strategy in the mental health industry. 


Want to hire me to work on your project? Please fill this form to send me an email! You could also send an email to hello@barakatsheriff.com