I help every mental health service provider with providing the right content to their audience and users. I provide expert content marketing services for mental health professionals including the following. Here is how different categories of mental health professionals can benefit from the content marketing services that I provide.



When it comes to getting mental health services from a therapist, people like to be sure that they are picking an expert that is qualified to help them with their mental health needs. Most people begin their search for a therapist online. This is why if you want to make yourself more visible and ensure that prospective clients see the services you offer, you need to invest in content marketing. By having excellent content on your website, you gain many benefits including search engine recognition, brand recognition, and more clients. Regularly creating original and rich content for your website that’s helpful to people and answers their pressing questions is also a great way to gain recognition as a trusted expert in the mental health field. I can help you create the perfect content marketing strategy that will attract the type of clients that you want based on your area of expertise and focus.


Content Marketing for your Mental Health Treatment Center will help your facility and the services you provide be found online. I know and understand the importance of creating ethical rehab marketing content. I can help you create content that directly addresses the stigma surrounding addiction disorders and provides actionable tips for those who need help. Content marketing will help you stand out in the highly competitive addiction treatment market and convince prospective patients to come to your facility. I will work with you to determine what makes your treatment center unique and leverage on this to create content that sells your unique advantage.


As an online therapy company, your site content needs to be top notch because a lot of people who ask questions pertaining to mental health and therapy online are in need of solutions and are open to trying online solutions. Statistics show that content creation is the most effective search engine optimisation technique. Furthermore, 61% of online consumers make purchases due to a blog post. If you’re trying to get people to use your online therapy service, then you need to give them excellent content. I have worked with online therapy companies like and and their results show that content works!


Whether it’s a white paper explaining the effects of depression or an infographic detailing what anxiety is, content marketing is every mental health pharmaceutical’s greatest asset. It’s not enough to just write articles or blog posts, it must be driven by a solid content marketing strategy. I can help you create a solid strategy as well as mental health content that stands out, is ethical and inspires your audience and prospective customers to make informed decisions that will improve their mental health. In essence, through my content marketing skills, I help you achieve your goal of aiding people to improve their mental health through the products that you sell. The more relevant your content is, the better your chances of positioning yourself as a reliable brand and increasing brand loyalty that will last for years.


Does your company or startup provide digital and technological solutions to mental health problems? I can help you get the solution you provide in front of the people who need it and encourage them to pay for your service.


  • One in every three Americans has gone online to figure out a medical condition.
  • 72% of internet users looked online for health information within the past year- Pew Research
  • As a mental health provider, you can develop a relationship with patients or users by adding value to them through articles, blog posts and videos focused on answering their questions about mental health and providing them with the information they need.
  • Prospective patients or users are primarily researchers who use the content you provide to answer their questions.
  • The need to develop your reputation as an expert with strong content and set yourself apart with high-quality original content that matches your brand is at an all-time high because 60% of mental health care providers online create at least one piece of content every day.- Top healthcare marketing trends
  • Nearly half of patients researching addiction treatment centers on mobile devices schedule an appointment.- Top healthcare marketing trends
  • 25% of health-related searches on the internet relate to mental health including mental health service providers to choose.  

The mental health industry is huge and is likely to keep growing. There are about 200 million health-related searches daily! This is why you need effective content marketing for the services that you offer in order to distinguish yourself.

It takes a few seconds for prospective patients, users or clients to find a list of mental health services and narrow them down to the ones that look relevant.

Your content marketing will help you ensure that your prospects are attracted to your mental health service. The question is, are you doing everything to ensure that your content marketing is great enough to attract and keep prospects?

If you already are, great! I can help you make it even better. If you aren’t, awesome! I can help you get started.

I take a unique approach to content marketing by thoroughly examining your business’s needs and creating a content marketing strategy that reflects exactly what your business stands for and provides what your customers need. My clients see the immediate results and benefits of my work including, more website visitors, improved brand perception and more clients.


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